Wicked Kreations Winery, LLC


A traditionally historic New Mexico wine with full bodied, stimulating dark cherry flavor and a strong oak finish.


Natural Raspberry flavor on the palate.. initial sweet taste followed by a tart finish in true Raspberry like a hand full of ripe Raspberries.



Refeshing Apricot taste with natural sugars, and a savory aroma of ripe Apricots with a hint of Oak.

Wild Plum

Stimulating sweet and mildly tart flavor of Wild Plums, smooth finish similar to a cold Plum Saki.

Raza Berry Mingle

A vibrant blend of Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry.  Four berries exploding on your taste buds not sweet and not dry the taste is the inherent flavor of all the berries at once.

Apple Cider

A blend of Red Delicious and Yellow Delicious with a hint of Pear.  An invigorating roller coaster of sweet red, slightly sour yellow, and finished with fresh pear. All three flavors in a micro second. 

NEW... Strawberry Moscato 

90% Fresh Strawberries blended with 10% Moscato. A refreshing savor and aroma experience of a natural Strawberry sensation with a smooth Moscato finish.      

‚ÄčWe Offer Seven Different Wines